How to get through a busy signal for radio station contest

Additional hardware interfaces available. Thus, all contests heard are delayed. The Jewel - CJWL, Ottawa's Lite & Refreshing Favorites, FM 98. Last year, the hospital was trying to get through to another hospital during an exercise, when all they got was a busy signal and could not reach the intended recipient with an emergency statement. m. The DXZone is managed by ham radio operators with ham radio operators in mind. SGM HERBERT A. I was met with a busy signal so, I tried again. Lift the handset and listen for a normal dial tone. of the Bonneville International Radio Stations (KYGO-FM, KKFN-FM, KOSI-FM, a busy signal, operator interference, cellular interference, internet congestion, . 1. You can host the show on your own server or with a large internet radio company or a Youtube type site. Beginning back at the last solar minimum it was so difficult to make contacts here. 3. If you get through to the station let the phone ring even if it seems like a very long time. Don’t make the mistake of calling once and getting a busy signal, and quit. Even if the prize was $1 trillion dollars I still wouldnt waste my time trying to call a radio station. WOODWARD RADIO GROUP CONTEST RULES AND CONDITIONS. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The goal of this document is to give the reader just enough information to get started operating a D-STAR-capable Icom radio on a local internet-connected D-STAR repeater. Many talk radio programs feature contests offering free trips, concert tickets, and other prizes to very attentive listeners. A PURCHASE OR PAYMENT WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. WARNING: Due to delays in the online streaming of the Station’s broadcast signal, listeners to the online stream may not be able participate in, or may be disadvantaged if participating in, any Contest that requires potential Entrant(s) to listen to Station. ii. By submitting a video or photo or other content created by you ("Submission") for a Contest conducted by this iHeartMedia Radio Station(s) (“Station"), you hereby warrant and represent your entry conforms to the requirements as set forth herein and as stated in the Contest Official Rules available on this website. This delay may last up to several minutes. of 8:30 a. 1104 will be deemed a “Contestant” and have to reach the Station contest line including but not limited to busy phone lines, . d/b/a KRLD-FM General Contest Rules. in NC SurvivalBlog Contributor October 26, 2017 October 28, 2017 We just took a look at non-FCC License Dependent Communications, including use expectations and purchase considerations. Run through all the bands at full power listening to each other’s signal for distortion, splatter, and spurs. The first half of the video was uploaded as a live video on this page. Decisions of the Station are final. If you are before that they pick up say the name of the station and what caller you are an immediately hang up on you. to 5:30 p. just the nuts and bolts of how to do it! His journey into Amateur Radio started during his time as the host of an overnight free-form rock music show at WWUH Radio at the University of Hartford, and the station’s general manager, John Ramsey, W1JNR, pushed him to get his license. Thanks. CBS Radio Texas, Inc. Hang up the handset. The author suggests creative ways to get radio airtime at no cost, including offering a percentage of every sale you make through a radio advertisement on their station or standing in as an expert guest on their shows. One Busy redial is a service that automatically calls busy phone lines on a regular basis until the line becomes free. The RF (signal #1 - magenta) enters the antenna and passes through the primary of antenna coil T1. An iHeartRadio station. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Let’s get off to a great start in ham radio with solid footing in repeaters! Repeater Basics: As the name implies, an FM repeater repeats your radio signal. One possible way to still get through is to disguise WHEC-TV Contest Rules Sponsor’s administrator will be the official timekeeper for the sweepstakes or contest. Space. Except to the extent set forth in the specific rules for a particular contest, these general contest rules will apply to all contests conducted by CBS Radio Texas, Inc. Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. (or any other CBS Radio station in Station’s market) in a calendar year with an aggregate value of Internet Radio: The internet offers unlimited opportunities to do a 'radio' or TV show at little or no cost. of the Station, Bonneville International Corporation, other area radio stations or a busy signal, operator interference, cellular interference, internet congestion, . The best part: my busy executive dad actually took me! Just remember that a big station in a big city has tens of thousands of listeners and everyone wants to win; esp. Set up your station just as it will be during the contest, including voice keyers, amplifiers, and computers. I would have loved to rag chew, but I did not want to test his endurance. No theory . Benson, who was already a licensed Ham. The phone lines will be jammed by others trying to get through. It's been a busy couple of weeks around Station K5JAW, but very little of that busy time has been amateur radio time! Only 42 contacts were logged in this two-week period, and most of them were for activity in various nets. com. Happy Birthday, Matt Damon! 7 Unexpected Cameos Through the Years Order in the Toy Store: Mattel Introduces New Judge Barbie Doll Ellen Degeneres Speaks Out On Watching Cowboys With George W. ” We tend to do this right before the contest starts so the phones aren’t all busy for whenever we ask for caller 9. delayed or incomplete Entries received through impermissible or illegitimate   Trunks would become jammed with busy signals (or reorders when the busy as a "high volume" exchange and all radio stations using lines for contests and  The Station may change the dates and/or terms of the contest without prior notice. According to Yahoo! Mobile Wireless spectrum: What it is, and why you should care. And again. and world headlines, breaking news, weather forecasts, alerts, traffic information, celebrity, odd news and more from C4K Channel4000. In my opinion, it makes for a more efficient operating experience as you can see how busy the band is, find a signal to investigate and even find some space to park and call CQ”. State Bear - State Trooper. She and her husband are sharing the same house while saving the money to get a divorce, but the other woman continues to call the house frequently. “for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say. A few days out of town for work contributed to the lack of radio time. If I do somehow get through and get a ring, it just rings and rings with no answer. Squelch - Control on radio which silences the speaker until a signal of a certain strength breaks through it. I mean, I hadn’t even seen the goal. 5, Ottawa, ON. You can expect the most activity in the first few hours of the contest on Saturday (11am Pacific). Note: These rules cover daily contests for Radio Stations WTMG-FM, in any future Contest conducted by the Stations or become a winner for two (2) calendar years If a winner wins more than $600. Police Radio Talking On Car Radio To Station Very Busy About you agree to the Pond5 Fire Rips Through Historic Masonic Temple, Contest & Promotion Rules for CBS Chicago. The Ham test isn’t that hard to pass, but for those of us too busy, too stupid, too lazy or even too secretive to go learn the publicly available questions and take the test, the good news is you don’t have to get a license to listen to all communications, and you can get a radio right now with all of the frequencies available without Are you ready to establish a home station for FM ops on the VHF and UHF bands, and are you wondering what you need to do about an antenna? Let’s review some of the things you need to consider in establishing a highly performing antenna for your home station, including antenna types, coaxial cable characteristics, connectors, and more! In April of 2018, Irish (EI) radio amateurs gained access to much of the low VHF spectrum including 40 MHz. Listen to your favorite radio stations at Streema. Idaho Public Television is in a unique position with a unique responsibility. ca for any particular contest 101. I remember faintly hearing Brad Riter, who had been at the reception earlier, doing the post-game show on the radio, but the signal was sketchy and I had no idea about the controversy that was taking place. Further information will be forthcoming at future club meetings, through the Spark Gaps and via the reflector. . This file contains many of the radio codes & signals you hear used on the air. A special ringing will tell you when the line is free. It was the best N#A event that I have worked so far. How do you become "caller number 9" to win a contest on a radio? I am trying to win tickets for a concert for my boyfriend's birthday and everytime I get the busy signal please any help will be very helpful NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Listen now! Busy Signal on AccuRadio. See radio contest for more information. by Station, and (b) if that friend previously entered that Contest through a link . Fact is, most people give up relatively quickly. The South African station mentioned that signal were better when things were calm which might infer some sort of tropo ducting. I was decoding FT8 signals and making my first QSO within 5 minutes of opening the program. delays, busy signals, facsimile transmission errors, equipment malfunctions   There are a couple of ways to go about this: Call us at (902) 420-1013 Email our personalities. The Rocky Horror Show. So I dialed the station, but I kept getting a busy signal-- I couldn't get through. hi hi. Next, wait until the DJ asks for people to call in for a giveaway, then dial the saved phone number right away. The tune, which will hit radio on March 13, is Maren’s own version of a love song about needing a love song to get her through the bad times after unsuccessful relationships have made her jaded. Busy Signal on AccuRadio. It allows anyone to virtually accept and manage calls in in a call-in talk show workflow, through an easy-to-use, Web based interface. It is the only interconnected media system, private or public, that stretches to every corner of a rugged state. 3 VIRGIN Radio is running. Hint: Many  3 Sep 2015 Now my question is, if you call and get a busy signal should you be hanging up and many calls to the station actually got through on the phone company side. But I can remember one shining moment when the surreal happened: I got through. The clue makes it worse as they may know and cannot get through. Escuchá la programación de la estación en vivo, lista de reproducción, ubicación e información de contacto online. no purchase necessary to enter or win. have a free Radio. I've recently heard a number of operators (from continental Europe?) wishing each other '73 and 44'. Pay Bill · View Bills View current & past bills, make payments, and more · Automatic If the number you call is busy and you hear a busy signal, then complete the following to or lines where Call Forwarding and some other call services have been activated. 31 Aug 2011 I'm fascinated by this contest and have listened to the morning slots — 7:10 and 8 :10 am — avidly over the last few years. The only one I heard but failed to contact was the Goatman WG0AT. Bush The station: a competitive station is not necessarily huge and expensive but you need to invest time and effort into making the best of your situation. These codes were found on the inside cover of a 1965 ARRL Amateur Radio Station Log Book. Tips on how to get through on a radio station?-- dial fast -- for a contest, start dialing the number when they start asking the question; when they finish the question, hold on if you know the Jamaican dancehall singer Busy Signal arrived with his 2005 hit "Step Out," beginning his rise from underground artist to one of reggae's bigger stars. I tried everything I wanted to experiment with and it all works. Thus the mountain station uses modern, factory-built, store-bought gear. 5. Zone Radio authorizes our listeners to win ONLY ONE (1) CONTEST EVERY TWO of usability, shall be considered forfeited and will become property of Station. eHam. NewsRadio 560 KPQ and Sunset Marina are stamping passports to paradise every weekday at 8a, 1p and 4p, to win a Trip Of A Lifetime: Destination Tahiti. forfeited without notice to the winner(s), and will become property of Station. You can avoid having a bad signal by engaging in a pre-contest checkout with a friend. Increase your radio station's relevancy with premium promo packaging. In this Beginner's Guide to Making CW Contacts I am going to try and give those hams new to CW a better idea of how to start. A request line or contest line is a telephone line which allows listeners to a radio station (or sometimes a TV station) to call the radio studio or TV studio directly. ! Oh no, right now is that next minute! :P I dialed my phone hoping for a win. but I used to work at a RADIO CONTESTS: Avoiding the busy signal tips Winning phone-in radio station prizes are difficult. , Monday through Friday. Although I missed it, I took the chance to get the SSTV program working with the FT-8900. As pictured, you can see that I am transmitting with my ICOM 7300 radio into an MFJ magnetic loop antenna. To ensure thermal stability during long transmissions, a thermal sensor monitors heat sink temperature, engaging the rear panel’s cooling fan only when needed. Station reserves the right to alter or Has anyone ever won anything on the radio? How do people become the right caller? Every time I try, I get a busy signal, so I'm thinking I'm way too late, or way too early. Get national U. So YAESU’s engineers developed the µ (Mu) Tuning system for the FTDX9000, and it’s now available as an option for the FT-2000/D. com is where humanity’s journey to new and exciting worlds is transmitted back down to Earth. Some contests and/or sweepstakes may have separate or additional contest rules that will be posted online through the website of the participating radio station. com for more information. From when we play the "cue to call" to selecting the correct caller. the helix and spark gap, the variometer, the variable condenser and the antenna switch. IT's just a matter of KEEP CALLING. 1 FM is New York's Hip-Hop and R&B featuring The Breakfast Club, Prostyle, Angie Martinez, DJ Clue, DJ Self and more Recently arrived Mike Adams, WEEI AM Sports Radio 850 Boston-- It was a shame that former nighttime host Ted Sarandis left WEEI under, reportedly, unhappy circumstances, but Mike Adams carries on the great nighttime radio tradition at this station, albeit from a slightly different and somewhat twisted perspective. Her journey through the legal maze leads Lux to her biological father, 30-something Nate "Baze" Bazile, who lives like an aging frat-boy and is astonished to learn he has a daughter. This is the second half, including questions and answers. And don't let a busy signal discourage you. Subscribe to my Podcasts That radio silence is your first hint that something might be up. Over 800 Memory Channels These are the real things, not an interpretation done after the fact. Stepped on - Reception squashed by bleedover or another strong signal. While I have successfully called into an XM radio station toll free number, I have yet to make it through to a toll free radio or newspaper contest number. From the Earth to the Moon (and Back) BY RICH MOSESON,* W2VU *Email: w2vu@cq-amateur-radio. Researching the Dodd Wireless Station. This includes, but not limited to, a busy signal on the contest phone line, operator interference, cellular interference, technical or atmospheric conditions that disrupt the completion of the phone call or for technical difficulties which may prohibit the transmission of their television or radio signals to all or limited geographic areas The bearing calculations are a little more involved than the math discussed in the introductory math section discussed above. SSB - Single-Sideband. It seems like everytime you call a radio station and try to be their "9th caller through" or whatever it is for your station, doesn't matter if you call early, you always get a busy signal. So, you know who caller 1 is, caller 2, caller 3. On one particular afternoon, after hearing the seemingly constant sound of a busy signal, I was "lucky caller number five," and picked up The Sweet’s Desolation Boulevard album. An internet radio show focusing on local politics may attract considerable numbers in your city. ” The intersection had to be reduced to a four-way stop with through traffic approaching it reduced to a single lane following an accident April 30th that severely damaged the signal control box. No purchase necessary. 72 de Larry W2LJ QRP - When you care to send the very least! Soundsnap is the Leading Sound Library for Unlimited SFX Downloads. K, including Footprints, She's Hot, Galang Gal, and more . in from out of town, I get a busy tone even when the contest isn't on. . When you activate Continuous Redial, you hear this message: The number called is busy. Its a mircale to be a caller at all, let alone the 13th. With the FT-2000/D, you can use both your ears and your eyes to zero in on another CW station. U4 Digital & Analog Smart Radio. from a contest or station event from any of the Bonneville International Radio a busy signal, operator interference, cellular interference, internet congestion, . 9 THE LEGEND. ” Last season with the Pelicans, Davis averaged 25. I've been caller 2 and then called right back and I was 10. The purpose of this guide is to give the brand-new user an easy path to getting the software running for the first time. Whereas JT65 gives you about 12 seconds to respond to a station calling CQ, you only have about two seconds with FT8. com App account; and/or (3) have the Station selected as  All those who win a prize or accumulate prizes to value over $600 will be issued an The Station is not responsible for telephone service outages, delays, busy Due to delays on its on-line streaming of its broadcast signal, listeners to the the station, MAX MEDIA OF HAMPTON ROADS, and their affiliates shall have no   Finding yourself calling back to see if the line is free, download Auto Redial! Line busy? Need to get in touch? Auto Redial lets you redial numbers automatically. to 5:00 p. Get in touch via the Contact Us below if you're interested in these apps. Morse code is a way to encode text through the generation of a carrier wave . cause its nearly impossible cause everyones calling! and theres been a contest going on all last week and this week to win tickets for a concert and i cant get through tomorrow is the last chance to win, since the concerts on saturday So is there any tricks or something to get through??? What is going one when you get a busy signal on a phone? You won't get through if you stay on the line listening to the busy signal. I have never figured out why this is the case. When you get a busy signal, hang up and call again immediately. I have to say that I found a station every 6-10 clicks on the button, that's 1 station every 600-1000Hz. Get to know their habits. you from the herd either by its nature or by its quantity (other Toronto radio stations offer cash prizes, In my two or three years of attempts, I've never gotten more than a busy signal. contest and promotion rules for wfan. Transmission cycles are 15 seconds each and, once a QSO is initiated, the remaining exchanges take place automatically. If traffic is heavy, the tower may instruct approaching trains to wait at designated holding areas outside of town so that grade crossings in the city will not be blocked. A choke exchange is a telephone exchange designed to handle many simultaneous call attempts to telephone numbers of that exchange. Assume the radio is tuned to a station at 1000 kHz, and for simplicity we will assume that it is modulated with a 1 kHz audio tone. 0 rebounds, 3. com Even Jules Verne couldn’t imagine this one1 … and it flew right past us last month, when we speculated on our cover about how soon we might see a lunar DXpedition. This means we operate on fixed channels, in the heart of the frequency bands allocated to Morse code operations. " Luke 12:12 Every time I use a vehicle, whether it is a rental vehicle or somebody else’s vehicle, I always punch in the radio station to The Promise FM just because you never k WIRES (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) is an Internet communication system which expands the range of amateur radio communication. The goal is to call in and make it through so you can have your chance at lots of cool Michael J from 98. That means using it without any external interfaces, initially and only then adding radio control. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for RCA BRC10 Bathroom Clock Radio (White) at Amazon. If not, the next day here comes your name through the tabloids. Listen first; sometimes there is a contact in progress but you can't hear the more distant station. Now if I am a lowly phone-monkey intern at a radio station and I am set to look for caller 7, I would go through two rounds of 1-3 and the next on line 1 is the lucky winner. So…set your favorite radio station as a pre-set phone number on your cell phone and start listening. Most of the time we get a busy signal. Press *66 or on a rotary phone, dial 1166, then hang up the phone. Jonas Brothers and other big stars. Choke exchanges are typical used to service telephone phone numbers of talk radio caller and contest lines of radio stations and event ticket vendors. I'm connected Cable Modem>Telo>Router. Oh how I know the radio station so well he responded back with "well, keep calling because you are caller 14. Main goal is to review and promote ham-radio web sites, classifying them in categories. Our pilot station system is in place to relay your reports, concerns, and advise to us through our pilot stations. Sort of a cross between a PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia's city summer camps ended last week but there are still plenty of places for kids to get free lunch and outdoor play time. Planetary Society senior editor Emily Lakdawalla gets us underway with what is nearly a grand tour of that system and beyond. The Station Twitter contests and sweepstakes are not sponsored, endorsed At a glance: WIII (branded as I-100) is a radio station serving Ithaca, Cortland and the vicinity with a rock format. 105. I've also been spending much time setting up a new VHF contest station at 7900 feet on the north slope of Horse Mountain, in DM54. Always keep in the back of your mind that the greatest gift you can give your family is your time. i. I didn't have a chance to get out into the field, so I just worked from the home QTH using my KX-3 at 5W, powered by an A123 battery pack, into an 80 Meter Loop antenna. One morning as I had tuned into this radio station, I heard an announcement for a contest. Station reserves the right to terminate or declare any Contest null and void and rescind any prize, if in its sole judgment, the rules or the integrity of the Contest have been violated or compromised in any way, intentionally or unintentionally by any person whether or not a participant in the Contest. Contest participants should not rely on streamed broadcasts. More than 400 Playstreets stay open through the end of August. The Station is not responsible for: (1) problems associated with television transmission, radio transmission, cable transmission, satellite transmission, Internet transmission, phone lines, facsimile, or cable lines and/or phone or IP numbers that are beyond their control, including, but not limited to, a busy signal, operator interference I have a weird problem when I try to call a radio station contest line. While listening to received audio, you can check the real-time spectrum scope and quickly move to another signal Find ICOM IC-7300 HF Plus 50 MHz Transceivers IC-7300 and get It has been a busy week around the Solar System. There are a few extra steps we have to go through in order to get a good estimate of where the radio station is coming from. Department of Transportation Announces Nearly One Billion Dollars in Infrastructure Grants to 354 Airports in 44 States USDOT Helps Raise Awareness of Child Heatstroke in Cars NHTSA and FRA Relaunch ‘Stop. Getting Started in VHF - Introduction to VHF. wished for a comparative GPS so she could know not just how best to get where she's going, but how much faster she's getting there than Sept. So really, just because there is a busy tone doesn’t necessarily mean that all lines are busy. Persons who have previously won a prize (cash, services, merchandise) from of the Bonneville International Radio Stations (KMVQ-FM, KOIT-FM, KBLX-FM, a busy signal, operator interference, cellular interference, internet congestion,  Station will provide such Contest Terms by means of on air announcement(s), to delays in the online streaming of the Station's broadcast signal, listeners to the . Rewards If you get a call through and you're five or more numbers away from winning, hang up and try again. When you're done charging the batteries, go to the instructions and see how simple it is to get your self a 2, 3 or 4 phone intercom. Also, find the top new songs, playlists, and music on our website! CQ WW RTTY contest, held the last full weekend of September each year, is the world's most popular digital mode contest. Most DJs go through the lines one at a time, repeating the bank of calls until they reach the right number. Visit cqwwrtty. a purchase or payment will not increase your chance of winning. S. Also Sunday morning after breakfast is another busy time. Call in Studio is a virtual call-in platform designed for Internet and radio show producers. This Antenna design was one that I used about 4 years ago, it worked exceptionally well on 80m and 40m. to take us to the Toronto airport. ) The use of radio as a medium of propaganda in wartime was made famous during WWII by Tokyo Rose (Born in Los Angeles in 1916, a Nisei first generation American) and Axis Sally (Rita Zucca, who was born in New York). The Daily Press attended Wednesday’s town hall at Trona High School, almost a week after the last of two back-to-back temblors struck nearby, ravaging local infrastructure. The reason I ask is my local radio station (98 rock in Baltimore) is giving away electronics every hour from now until christmas. If you’re short on budget, then this article is for you. A question is indicated by the use of the interrogation sign, " ? ", after the Q signal. I have no love for this radio but keep thinking that I just need to "give it a chance" and it'll eventually prove its worth to me. When the line is free, the service rings the  Popular stations are deluged with calls when they give away items on the air. Where we vicariously explore the cosmos with astronauts, Create an account or log in to Pinterest. wkrq. Unless the Station otherwise specifies, persons who have previously won a prize (cash, services, merchandise) from a contest or Station event from any of the Bonneville International Radio Stations are subject to the following restrictions: Persons who have won a prize valued between $101 and $499 in the ninety (90) days prior to entering Criss Ham Radio Radio Stations on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, and other app-enabled mobile phones. C100 is making it even easier to get in contact with us - instantly! Using 100·24·7, you can chat with your favourite C100 DJ's, win great prizes and moreall without ever getting a busy signal. How many times have you tried to call into a radio station to win a contest? If the answer is zero that is the reason why you haven’t won anything yet. Do not start calling early. FT8 frequencies for 2m and 70cm RigExpert TI-8 Digital Mode and Radio Control Interfaces are clever all-in-one devices for connecting your transceiver audio, data, keying and control ports to your computer. I have heard time and time again people tell me, I can NEVER get through, how do you do it??? Even if I spend the time explaining to them, what are the chances they actually try my methods? Slim to none. Inc. Call and call again, until you get through or they announce on the air whom the winner is. This is true even when you get a busy signal via voice, or standard data dependent applications like Facebook Messenger or Twitter will not work. I spoke to the mean screener again, who transferred me to the studio. This will increase the amount of chances for your listeners that cannot get through to 27 per day vs. Usually the line is busy, as one would expect. The Station is not responsible for telephone service outages, delays, busy signals, equipment malfunctions and any other technological difficulties that may prevent an individual from completing his/her telephone call. For WIRES-X, an amateur node station connecting to the Internet is used as the access point and connects the wireless communication to the Internet. Find RigExpert TI-8 Digital Mode and Radio Control Interfaces TI-8 and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 at DX Engineering! Volunteers will be needed in the morning to help setup, during the 24-hour operating period and after it ends to breakdown everything. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. If you want to win a prize, in one minute, you must call the KSSK radio station! Ready set. USB CAT / OmniRig I had some initial issues getting the radio to communicate with OmniRig and display live freqency+band info on PZTLog. 9. As soon as you get busy signal, hang up and call back. I've also been caller 5 then couldn't get through. Unfortunately, the disadvantage with this mode and most other digital modes is that the signal is either fully readable or not copiable at all. difficulties experienced due to overload, busy signals, loss of phone service,  To enter on-air, listen to the Station each weekday beginning on March 25, 2019 to the Station contest line at 207. 8. They have like $80,000 worth of stuff total. Call in Studio can plug into almost any podcast, broadcast, or radio station setup. I’ll never forget it when Christopher Haze, the 3-6:00 p. Initially, the information most important to us will be when we are being heard in your area. Maren Morris has announced the release of her third single, “I Could Use A Love Song,” from her award-winning debut album, Hero. 9 The Bull sweepstakes or contest you agree to be bound by these rules. difficulties experienced due to overload, busy signals, loss of phone service,  7. I will never get a good score in a RTTY contest just because I don't like it. O. ODESSA, Texas (AP) — The gunman in a West Texas rampage "was on a long spiral of going down" and had been fired from his oil services job the morning he killed seven people, calling 911 both before and after the shooting began, authorities said. I tried, but everyone said they were to busy. Grand Rapids chose to install the new signal at Michigan Street near Baynton Avenue because of The Rapid’s new Route 19, which offers free rides along the busy Medical Mile corridor. It is popular to blame new technology for killing things. Your customizable and curated collection of the best in trusted news plus coverage of sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health and lifestyle, combined with Outlook/Hotmail, Facebook Telling Idaho's Stories 50 Years of Service to Idaho. Free customizable online radio with unlimited skips. If you're doing OK with that, then you're doing a good job with the "Balanced" part of The Radio Amateur's Code. Station is not responsible for any technical difficulties experienced due to overload, busy signals, loss of phone service,  These rules cover daily contests for Radio Stations WORL, WTLN, and WBZW business hours (between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday). On the lower Amateur bands, the signal voltages impinging on a receiver can create noise and Intermodulation effects that can cover up weak signals you’re trying to pull through. These rules apply to all contests conducted by WKRQ (the “Station”) unless of the Station, contest sponsors and any other Cincinnati area radio stations, and . WMCA (570 AM, "The Mission") is an AM radio station in New York City, owned by Salem Media Group and broadcasting with a Christian radio format consisting of teaching and talk programs. It can be found on the WSJTX webpage. No alternate winner will be selected and the prize will become the property of the Stations. 9 assists, 2. , Monday through Friday or go online at www. * Individual speeds: Some DJs get the contest rolling quickly, others slowly. You might remember that before Christmas, I missed the opportunity to try receiving some SSTV pictures from the ISS. Submit new information to share. The Debate Over Net Neutrality Has Its Roots in the Fight Over Radio Freedom Your signal might not move as fast as you’d like. N1MM Logger Quick-Start Guide . Your best chance to get through on the contest phone line is to begin to dial as soon as you hear the contest phone number on-air. WHEN YOU CAN'T GET THROUGH Is it really busy, or is the phone off the hook? NTT West Busy Signal Verification Service can help. As I went through all of the boxes I began to realize just how much of the Dodd Station was present. 2. I was about 12 at the time, with an interest in electronics that baffled my parents. There's always an element of chance. "If you have a traffic signal a mile away from the next one, and you have a bus stop in the middle, do we really expect someone to walk all the way down to that crosswalk and walk across and then go all the way back," he said. Cell phone signals run in the radio frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum; the same area as AM and FM radio, where non-ionizing radiation is formed that is too weak to harm anything. This is a personal story that began when I was about 16 years old or so. Listen to Kim Find a Station. The terminal is typically quite busy. This station broadcasts at 99. 6 steals per contest, proving his worth as a consensus top-five player in the league. to where your chances are slim to none getting anything but a busy signal… What is the best way to get through to a radio station call line? Follow these steps to activate or cancel a busy line redial. Emily, a whole bunch of topics, five, to try and [00:01:00] get through in a short amount of time this week. Thanks for listening! Listeners may be listening via the Sponsor’s radio station stream on the Internet: please be advised that Listener may be listening to a delayed stream of the radio signal, which may vary depending on Listener’s computer’s memory capacity and the speed of Listener’s internet connection and may be delayed by several minutes. So keep dialling until you get through. This delay can last for as much as 120 seconds or more. If it doesn't have specific rules, the general station rules apply . L. , its advertising and promotional agencies, other radio stations and their out of playing the Q99 Hi-Lo Jackpot contest or the acceptance, ownership or use due to busy signals or any failure of the computer which controls the contest. I started fumbling with my phone and got a busy signal the first time. Well, most phone boards have a limited number of lines and they typically goes in a specific order. His signal was 559 with little-to-no QSB. TEXTING. Unless otherwise specified by Radio Station WWJ Newsradio 950 (the How do I get through to Radio Disney? Everytime I've ever called (a lot), there's a busy signal. 29, 2019: We are pleased to announce our pilot station network for the Pitcairn Island DXpedition. When the line is no longer busy, Continuous Redial tries 3 times (within 30 minutes) to notify you that the line is available and that you can place your call. Six nights in Tahiti with $500 spending cash. As I matured, I began listening to different radio stations, but I'd continue to call in Getting busy signals became more frequent, and the prizes started becoming advantage and see just how easy it is to get through, and win contests during  Win Radio Contest. Furter leaps across the time warp to make his Short North Stage return in this wildly popular tribute to sci-fi and B-grade horror movies. I had the fortune of having an electronics teacher, Mr. Station specific contests will have their own specific rules which will be set forth in contest rules for that particular contest and will be available at the Station studio and on the Station’s website. São Paulo's traffic radio. Activating Busy Line Redial. He mentioned that QSB was making it extra hard for him to copy me. ODESSA, Texas (AP) — The gunman in a West Texas rampage that left seven dead obtained his AR-style rifle through a private sale, allowing him to evade a federal background check that blocked him from getting a gun in 2014 due to a "mental health issue," a law enforcement officia Boston's #1 Hit Music Station and the home of Matty in the Morning. Now every night you have to show up. That’s why the KiwiSDR doesn’t include one. Your cell phone connects to it via Bluetooth and an app, and the signal is sent and received through an encrypted radio signal. 5 across both bands. Listen to the biggest hits from T. Anyone using fraudulent means to participate and/or win the contest, such as  of the Station, contest sponsors and any other Cincinnati area radio stations, All entries become the property of the Station and will not be acknowledged or returned. jock, told me to stand by, because he was actually putting me on the radio. Well, I consider this experiment as successful. It's likely that you will be calling at the same time as many other callers, but that doesn't mean that you don't have a chance of winning. The heavy, bulky homebrew gear stays home; it would take a week to haul it up the mountain for each contest, and a week to move it back home. The Internet killed newspapers. Listen, call and get qualified with your ‘Trip Of A Lifetime’ station…NewsRadio 560 KPQ! 3: Keep trying If you get a busy signal that doesn't automatically mean the winner is on the line. In order to find radio sweepstakes to enter, listen to different radio stations whenever to keep track of which phone is getting through or reaching a busy signal. normal business hours of 8:30 a. They will just drop all lines at the start of the contest so you'll be dropped if you think you've gotten in early. Use More Than One Phone WOODWARD RADIO GROUP CONTEST RULES AND CONDITIONS. Radio DJ's, win great prizes and moreall without ever getting a busy signal. Visit ESPN to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball and more. (The term "DX" refers to a station from another country. You are best off calling the contest line again, though by the time that you get through, it is likely that . Caller Nine! Tales From a Serial Contest Winner scanning through the radio stations in his car, he decided to call into a radio station for a “caller-nine” contest to beat the boredom As a promotions coordinator for 6 radio stations I'll tell ya. After a record breaking, 7 week sold-out run, mad scientist and infamous Frank N. thunder1061. It is just an amateur radio station that has been designed for the special purpose of retransmitting your signal instantaneously as it is received. at 1013VIRGINRadio. Winning phone-in radio station prizes are difficult. The receiving antenna mounted on the nearest tower for your carrier picks up your radio signal, and the process of finding your caller begins. The radio contact shown in the clip between G8IG in England and ZS1PK in Cape Town, South Africa was probably on 28 MHz AM (note the beam at the start of the clip). 3 The Fan (the “Station”). Daily. Get Free Radio Ads. My amateur radio journey began back in the mid-1970s. When the other woman calls, she will get a busy signal. When the line is free, the service rings the caller to connect him or her to the desired number. How to find someone to talk with, what to talk about, how to deal with QRM, how to end a CW contact, how to get lots and lots of QSL cards, and much more useful and practical information. I'm not actually sure if I'm getting through or not. Receiving SSTV from the International Space Station. delays, busy signals, facsimile transmission errors, equipment malfunctions  6 Feb 2006 The probability that a caller fails to get through in three tries is (1 (d) As manager of a cellular phone system, you want the probability of a busy signal to A radio station gives a pair of concert tickets to the sixth caller who  By entering a 98. If you get a busy signal, hang up. Though he grew up wanting to be a professional bowler, these days Doug is a jock on The Message reminding listeners that God is a God of grace, and that you don’t have to work harder to earn anything from Him. Because SMS is less impacted by cell tower saturation, it is more likely to send and receive messages. We had a club station Jets assistant general manager Rex Hogan has familiarity with Hairston after being in the Colts' front office the past two years. The release is v1. 6th grader who said classmates cut her dreadlocks says she lied, maintains she was bullied Source: Cox Media Group Cameroon national peace dialogue begins without separatists The Radio Division of the chief signal officer, AEF, had responsibility for both air and ground radio operation, including radio intelligence, and a radio section served with each field army. That means being able to radiate a decent signal and hear DX, ideally on every contest band (160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m). 7 WMZQ shows us how you actually win at one of these call in contests. consents to Station(s) and the Zone Corporation using the contestant's name, but is not limited to: a busy signal, operator interference, cellular interference,  The Station may change the dates and/or terms of the contest without prior notice. Almost every popular radio station uses giveaways. It has the farthest reaching signal in the state of New York. Here's some tips, though: Whether you get through or how fast is dependent on where you live and the way your phone company is set up - true. she called the radio station and asked that a message be These rules apply to all contests conducted by Beasley Media Group radio stations. It debuted in the 2019 Ford Edge, a 5-passenger midsize crossover SUV, and in coming years the company plans to roll it out to all of its cars, SUVs, and the F-150 and Ranger pickup trucks. Radio Leaflets During Wartime. What I would like to know is, how do people here get through? — By calling into the radio station one of several things can happen — 1) You get a busy tone 2) A couple short rings which then goes to a busy tone 3) The operator will not be able to complete your call, and you will receive an automated message stating this 4) It rings constantly for minutes – which could either result in someone Be honest. Its just as hard to get through, and they dont even play your song for 30 minutes and only if its in the top 40. Power 105. I'd like to find a service where, on a one-time basis, I can pay some reasonable amount (less than $20, I'd think) and they call the number repeatedly, then hook me in when they get the radio station's phone to ring. FRIEDMAN (Ret. If you never try you can’t ever win! For a long time I would never call in to try to win radio contests and giveaways, after all what is the chance I’ll get through? After you've played the contests a few times, you'll get to know the voices-and the number of phone answerers at each station. 0-rc2 r8069. When I was answering calls, DJ (the DJ…lol) told me that there is a special switch that creates a fake busy signal for callers so that they think other people are calling in and they can’t get through, even if they are the only caller. 6. If the number you call is busy and you hear a busy signal, then complete the following to activate Busy Line Redial. 98 At intercept stations, Signal Corpsmen copied coded messages sent from German ground radio stations and forwarded them to the radio sections for The information from the CQWW RTTY contest during the same year is more useful as the solar conditions will be similar to the CQWW SSB weekend (same year in solar cycle, and contests are 28 days (1 solar revolution) apart, resulting in the same part of the sun facing the earth and similar solar conditions). "Come on back, you got stepped on" Stepped all over you - Similar to "Stepped On" Stop to get groceries - Stop and Ford Co-Pilot 360 is the automaker’s name for its package of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Signal strength (always 59!) and your state (DX stations will send a serial number). That is the exchange. The RPi is great for use with amateur (Ham) radio projects because it is: A powerful, low cost, small size, single-board computer (SBC). This weekend on Babbage N. The Jets need depth at the cornerback spot and general manager Joe Douglas said last week the team would be busy trying to upgrade the roster through waiver claims, signings and A car service picked us up around 2 a. Q Codes marked with an " *" are the most commonly used today. But sometimes it will ring two or three times and then goes to busy signal. Has GPIO hardware interface with RS-232, I 2 C, SPI and digital I/O. British Airways said By GREGORY KATZ Associated Press LONDON (AP) — British Airways has canceled almost all its flights for 48 hours, affecting as many as 195,000 travelers, due to a strike by pilots over pay. While it has many similarities, there are different scoring and multiplier rules. 500 MHz USB for UHF weak signal and contest work. I wonder why people even call in to radio stations for request hours too. 807. If the number is busy continue to call using your redial button and until you hear the winner announced on the air. 00 in cumulative prizes through one (1) delays, busy signals, facsimile transmission errors, equipment malfunctions and  In some events, specific contests will have their own rules which will be set forth in through Friday (excluding holidays) 9:00am to 5:00pm, and on the Station's PR agencies, participating sponsors/promotional partners, other radio stations in . Video killed the radio star. He says San Antonio has too many straight stretches of road without marked crosswalks, which leads to the problem. So you have three more chances to win!" I laughed with him and hung up right away just to call back again. August 22, 2012 - East Harlem, NY - For decades amateur radio operators have held a yearly Field Day where they take their radios out of their homes or cars and operate them out in the field, either on or off the electrical grid. You do not need to learn morse code to obtain a radio license or operate an amateur radio station anymore. We've all been that person at one time or another: we hear an offer for free tickets or some prize package on the radio and we call in. Many of the satellites aren’t much bigger than a handheld radio! The trick is line-of-sight. I had a great time. We’ll have a local NCW/Valley winner in June. Some hams get together as groups of individuals, but most work through a radio club. A common mistake with radio giveaways is to call once and give up if they hit a busy signal. You should learn how to make best use of the program by reading the Online Documentation. Sending station: Thanks!, QRZ contest… And then the next station calls K1KI. We only have a certain # of phone lines so that will happen whenever they are all busy or we have phones set to “Busy all. " Didn't even get a chance to talk. Send files to friends. With analogue signals (and some digital modes) you can usually fill in the blanks when you get fading or noise on the signal, also they are copiable when they are barely audible. When we announce the contest phone number on the air, we open the phone lines. Become part of the Hey, Listen! Support System with a financial donation this week! We provide this alternative to the typical radio landscape every week thanks to your membership Of necessity, this Beginners' Guide contains only as much as you need to know to get started. D-STAR Quick-Start Guide. business hours of 8:00 a. The Station reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend the Contest should a virus, bug, computer, or other problem beyond the control of the Station corrupt the administration, security, or proper execution of the Contest, or the Internet portion of the Contest. those listeners who hear the contests through the radio broadcast signal. Always use good common sense and good manners while you're on Ham radio! You represent the United States in other countries that hear your signal! What to expect from the 10 meter band The 10 meter ham band can be very exciting with worldwide communications or more down to earth with just local QSO's. I thanked him and was left smiling ear-to-ear. CNET's Marguerite Reardon explains wireless spectrum in layman's terms and tells why it's so important to what's happening in the To get your message through when it counts, the FT-8900R puts out a full 50 Watts of power on the 29/50/144 MHz bands, and 35 Watts on 430 MHz. Boy, that sure changed as the cycle ramped up and we finally started to have some decent The DXZone merges amateur radio and Internet, since early internet days. 1.Description. - eHam. The Rapid and Spectrum Health agreed to roll out Route 19 as part of a three-year pilot program aimed at easing traffic and parking congestion near the hospitals. Browse 250,000+ Sound Effects Used by Hollywood Sound Designers & Editors. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate, unless otherwise noted. How awesome is that? It won’t be able to reach to the other side of a city but you should be able to locate your family if they’re in the area and maybe even communicate with others if they have the system. The station's studios are in Lower Manhattan and are shared with co-owned WNYM (970 AM). Morning Edition Weekend Edition Saturday Weekend Edition Sunday All Things Considered KD0V - To bad we couldn't get more people to be active here in zero land. Please hang up now. You simply dial 114  For purposes of these rules, “The Contest” refers to the Q99 Hi-Lo Jackpot contest. Repeater usage, VHF-DXing, satellites and more! Getting Started in Packet Radio -How to set up the necessary equipment and get on the air on Packet. Commanders must be able to maintain control over their units in order to fight successfully. Runs a wide variety of open source Linux software related to radio applications. Over the winter months, several EI stations have been busy getting ready for the new 8-metre band and this has now resulted in more inter-EI 40 MHz activity. On the Nat-Com Radio Codes & Signal Site you can: Look radio codes and signals used by any number of agencies within a state. In an effort to become more familiar with my FT-891 I've decided to use it as the main station rig for the time being. Please remember to reserve time in your busy schedule to help make this a successful event. So it won’t do any good to try and call ahead of time because you won’t get through, you’ll only get a busy signal. I have heard time and time again people tell me, I can NEVER get through, how do you do it??? How to Win Radio Contests. It is used to communicate over long distances or with low power . This means that when Station contests are played that require a specific caller to telephone or text the radio station, listeners to the online audio stream may be at a disadvantage in participating over those listeners who hear the contests over the broadcast signal. through the equipment, techniques and jargon of satellite communications. U. The Birth of the Signal Corps. Burke replied affirmatively, but only if the other end of the communication had an Amateur Radio station nearby to receive the message/information. Should I hang up and keep calling, or do I keep it on the one call and see if they pick up The first correct guess will be the winner and can be aired on radio. With little to guide me and fear for my life as I The Jewel - CJWL, Ottawa's Lite & Refreshing Favorites, FM 98. Due to delays in the WIKY online and app streaming of its broadcast signal, listeners to the online and app stream may not be The stream belonged to East Village Radio, an Internet-radio station that for the better part of a decade operated out of a tiny storefront and would broadcast for a final time that evening FT8 frequencies for 2m and 70cm --tentative decision We will also try 432. In this contest, you get points for working stations in other countries (not your own) with what's called a "multiplier" based on the country and something called a zone. 4 blocks, and 1. ) Without going into too much detail, it's relevant to know that there are 3 zones within the US. First, we need to calculate the noise offset. The Original Web-controlled Shortwave Radio - Drake R8 Communications Receiver (110 KHz to 30 MHz) located in Reston, VA USA. If you’re not sure of the state be sure you ask the station to repeat so you don’t make a mistake. In radio, this is usually to request a song, win a contest, be a part of a talk show, or to ask a question of the disk jockey, such as what the name and artist of a recent song was. The size of the antenna makes a Half wave length on 80 meters, and with the traps a half wave on 40m with a SWR (standing wave ratio) of 1:1-1. Call as soon as the DJ begins to talk about the contest, using all phones available. Support System. West Houston Cyclists Are Getting Some ‘Dutch Junctions’ With its busy feeder roads and crowded thoroughfares, Houston’s Energy Corridor doesn’t seem like the place where you’d ride a “I went up to my signal station, and there was a hoist on the tower – a flag hoist – so I’m busy running that flag up in the air, which is what I am supposed to do, and a Jap zero drops a 500-pound bomb on the Pennsylvania, which is in dry dock, which is where we were a week before, and immediately heads our way and starts strafing. “Snell Electric has come in and put a lot of work in, and the traveling public has driven through it really well. Station is not responsible for telephone line unavailability, busy signals on contest sponsor, any local radio or television station in the Seattle- Tacoma claims, damages and actions arising directly or indirectly out of or sustained  The Station may change the dates and/or terms of the contest without prior notice. This is a relatively relaxed contest and inviting to newcomers. of the Station, contest sponsors and any other Fargo-Moorhead area radio stations, and their . Once you have the base station on, and the phones charged, take the base station handset and follow the instructions, that make it the 'master' handset - then program the other sets as 'remote' handsets. Live stream plus station schedule and song playlist. It’s pretty amazing that a handheld radio which is ordinarily limited to about 30-40 miles, depending on your terrain, can hear a clear signal coming from a tiny satellite in space orbiting over a hundred miles overhead. Don’t let this frustrate you. Other fun facts: Doug drinks an unbelievable amount of Diet Pepsi every day, and he's a self-professed gadget freak. It could be live or pre-recorded. That’s all there is to it, write it down in your log Presented in the table below are some common Q-Codes used by radio amateurs. I just couldn't understand how a single station could make thousands of contacts during a weekend radio contest when we struggled up here just to get a hundred into the log. Quickest way to get through to a radio station for competitions? What is the quickest way to get through everytime I dial I can never get through. I dialed and dialed (yes, on a rotary phone) until the busy signal turned into a ring. (Makes you wonder what people are so busy doing they can't even devote a couple of hours out of a whole week to our operation - K3WWP) On the lower Amateur bands, the signal voltages impinging on a receiver can create noise and Intermodulation effects that can cover up weak signals you’re trying to pull through. The Station may change the dates and/or terms of the contest without prior notice. by Rob Locher W7GH. Abby, Debbie can get "call blocking" for a small service fee. caller would receive a busy tone from the exchange serving the radio station,  28 Sep 2019 The radio station usually starts accepting calls after the contest has been . g. WARNING: Contests heard on the radio station’s Internet audio stream and HD channel are slightly delayed from the time the contests heard on the broadcast station, and will be running behind the broadcast signal. Be a Caller. First off it IS just a matter of luck. The code is composed of 5 elements: short mark, dot or 'dit' (·) — one unit long Download Radio Station sounds 1,005 stock sound clips starting at $2. Check it out on Slacker Radio, on free internet stations like Reggae too. There are so many radio stations giving away money for the holidays and I am trying to win some . Écoutez en direct, voyez playlist et information de la station en ligne. Hence, despite our massive signal on five amateur bands, we tend to get crowded out by contest operations. Most of the major parts had been in the steamer trunk, e. By the mid-nineteenth century the extended battlefields created by more powerful weapons posed new challenges for military signaling. Radio Communication Methods During Emergencies- Part 3, by R. Some short distance contacts were established in November of 2018. What are the best strategies for winning a radio contest that requires you to be a certain number caller? Being a frequent correct caller myself many times, I offer this advice. The messages I always got was "Station Name You're caller 5! Try again! Click. You can also access it from within the Fldigi program from the Help menu item. void where prohibited. d/b/a KRLD-FM/105. When I was in high school, I wanted to become a Ham. net Article: How to Call (and Answer) a CQ - WB2WIK gives a refresher course in the art of the contact. Effective communications have always been vital to military forces. Indeed, unless you purchase a “get on the air” type package from a ham radio retailer–which might include an antenna, cable, associated connectors and potentially a power supply–I know of no SDRs or tabletop receivers/transceivers on the market that ship with proper HF antennas in the box. I was not always enamored with Morse Code like I am now. You have a lot of listeners that may have the correct guess unfortunately they cannot be through. He was only about an S-2 in NC, and I couldn't get through Steve's pileup. 9 FM KLJN We’ve been invited to return next year as official radio station of the event! Just listen for your signal K6KPH uses the same equipment, and as much as possible the same procedures, as maritime coast station KPH. Download any file through your browser's file save button. If you get a busy signal or you aren’t the 10th caller, hang up and try again because you still have a chance on the next call. 9 MHz in Cortland and Ithaca plus 100. The CW SPOT switch engages a spotting tone that matches the offset of your transmitted signal (as set by the CW Pitch selection), allowing you to match that pitch to that of an incoming signal perfectly. Is FT8, a new digital technology, poised to kill off ham radio? The community Although they're not required to, most trains will radio the tower as they near the city limits to confirm their route and progress through the busy interlocking. Over the next decade and beyond, the singer scored hit after hit both as a guest artist and on with his own songs. Can anyone tell me what is 44 is supposed to mean? I've looked at the historical reasons for the abbreviation of frequent messages, and all I can see is the Phillips Code that was in use for train telegraph messages where '44' meant 'Answer promptly by wire'. The station changed and evolved over the years. 9 points, 12. Established in 1996 as a radio-related-mailinglist, has registered its domain name in 1998. Third you can learn a lot about the evolution of WABC if you listen to the airchecks chronologically. A new generation of Comart U4 series Digital & Analog smart portable, which was taken as the enhanced U3 Portable, not only own the unimaginable high voice quality, AES-256 level digital encryption or equipped with FIPS140-2 Level 3 professional encryption module, but also built 2M camera in the portable in the world for the first time, which Most sites let you tune the radio to a different frequency and listen to ham radio online for a few minutes. For more tips on how to increase your changes of winning a radio contest, read on! Next week, I want to call a radio station for a contest. After spending her life bouncing from one foster family to another, 15-year-old Lux has decided to become an emancipated minor. ICOM IC-7300 HF Plus 50 MHz Transceivers employ a new-technology real-time touch-screen spectrum scope that leads its class in resolution, sweep speed and dynamic range. RE: Working Split with WSJT-x : by AA2UK on September 7, 2017 Mail this to a friend! Signal subtraction or the ability to decode more than 1 station on the same frequency has been added to FT8 with the latest public release if WSJTX. Radio stations can have anywhere from 1 to 10 contest lines. The Legend Radio-105. 3 MHz (via translator W262AD) in Ithaca, and is under ownership of Saga Communications. This kind of radio is an art which took real talent. Anyone using fraudulent means to participate and/or win the contest, such as  Depending on the contest, the Station will designate the required method of busy signals, loss of phone service, internet availability, telephone or other For internet based entries, entrants will be asked to go to a particular website to enter . I wouldn't give up, though. Juneau news, arts, public affairs, and national news from KTOO - Juneau's own non-profit news source. how to get through a busy signal for radio station contest

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